I work for an area jeweler, repairing and making custom design pieces for customers. That is my bread and butter. I use my skills and knowledge to make other people’s visions and desires tangible. 

The things on this website are “my things”. They are the things I’ve seen in my mind: the things that I desire and want. Jewelry is so many things to me: Talisman, Reminder, Armor (mental not physical), Adornment, and Symbolism. Some pieces of jewelry fall into one category, some into many. Some pieces start out one way and morph as they are created while some come out exactly as they were envisioned from the start. Most of the pieces that I have made are one of a kind. Some are pieces that I have had molds made of in order to make multiple pieces. I've also taken components from casting companies and incorporated them into some pieces. 


Growing up and attending college in Athens, Ohio (home of Ohio University), jewelry making (mostly beading and wire work) was my hobby. Upon graduation in 1995 with a BA in Psychology and a minor in business, I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and worked as an account analyst. I found that I lacked fulfillment in this job, so in addition to my accounting job, I started working for an area upscale jeweler for a few hours a week as an apprentice bench jeweler. Within 6 months I quit my accounting job to go to work full time as a bench jeweler doing repairs and learning more every day about design and jewelry creation. In 1999 I left Cincinnati and enrolled in the jewelry manufacturing program at GIA in Carlsbad, California. In addition to receiving a diploma in jewelry manufacturing, I also have diplomas and certificates in diamonds and diamond grading, colored stones and colored stone grading, pearl grading, and design. In Spring of 2014, I attended an engraving class. I am excited to incorporate engraving into my jewelry designs. 

I enjoy living and working in my studio in Cincinnati, Ohio